Hydrocephalus is a medical condition which is characterised by an excess of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) collecting on the ventricles in the brain. This fluid acts as a cushioning device and protects your brain from external injury. It also provides the brain with essential nutrients before it is reabsorbed into the blood, taking with it waste products. CSF usually flows freely through brain ventricles, but in the case of hydrocephalus, the flow is disrupted, resulting in a build-up of fluid which can place pressure on the brain. This can be due to age, tumours, strokes and trauma.

Treatment for hydrocephalus is usually by means of a VP shunt. Have a look under the procedures heading for a description of the procedure.

In certain cases depending on the exact position of the obstruction endoscopic procedures can be used. (Endoscopic third ventriculostomy (ETV))


Dr MJD Jacobsohn qualified in 2007 at the University of Cape Town. He then completed an AO spinal fellowship at the Spinal Unit of Groote Schuur Hospital. He started full time private practice at Mediclinic Vergelegen in 2009 when he joined the established practice of Dr LS Wessels as his associate. A comprehensive range of cranial and spinal neurosurgical pathology are managed by Dr Jacobsohn.


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